How GuidePro3D Overcomes the Obstacles of Using Dental Implant Surgical Guides

GuidePro3D Accuracy Dental Implant Guide

Ask dentists why they don’t use an implant guide for every surgery and the reasons vary. Time, cost, cumbersome software, lack of a CBCT machine or other expensive imaging equipment, the case is ‘easy enough’ – the list could go on and on.

However, having a dental implant guide for each case not only makes good business sense, but it also results in quality patient care.

That’s why GuidePro3D set out to overcome the current obstacles to using dental implant guides. Read on to learn why there is now no excuse not to be Guided Every Time!

GuidePro3D is Usable with or without a CBCT Scan

First and foremost, GuidePro3D is the first dental implant guide system on the market that is usable with or without access to a CBCT machine. This makes it possible for general dentists around the globe to begin confidently placing implants in their practice even if they do not have the ability to take CBCT scans.

It Costs Less than a Dollar per Guide per Case & are Created in Office

Once the dental implant guide is planned in GuidePro3D’s easy-to-use software, guides are fabricated on a 3D printer in office.

GuidePro3D uses a fused filament printer with virtually zero daily maintenance. Guides cost less than a dollar per guide to create and they’re fabricated in 40 minutes or less.

GuidePro3D Printed 3D Implant Guide

Implant Guides are Simple to Verify & Alter at Time of Surgery

Part of GuidePro3D’s dental implant guide system is an X-ray holder that attaches to the implant guide. This means that once the guide is fabricated, dentists can verify the guide in the patient’s mouth prior to surgery.

Should there be any alterations that need to be made, they can be updated in the software and a new guide cartridge can be printed.

The X-ray holder also makes it possible to take X-rays throughout the surgery to ensure the positioning of the trajectory once drilling begins.

The GuidePro3D System is Comprised of Intuitive Software & Custom Surgical Tools

GuidePro3D takes a “systems approach” in a dentist’s office. It’s a holistic solution to consistently planning an implant case every time.

Each component in GuidePro3D – from the custom drills to the innovative software – integrates together to remove the frustration of other disjointed guide systems on the market.

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Dentists, ask yourself – if you could spend 10 minutes of non-chair time and a dollar per implant case to ensure consistency and accuracy for each implant case, would you?

No implant surgery is too easy when it’s simple and economical to use a dental implant guide system instilling confidence every time.

Learn more about GuidePro3D by scheduling a live demo or by attending one of our upcoming events! It’s time for you to become Guided Every Time!