Learn How to Create an Implant Guide

Webinar 01/12/17 08:00:pm GoToMeeting

Take a Peek Inside the Dental Implant Surgical Guide System

GuidePro3D has made it possible for dentists to be Guided Every Time by creating a dental implant guide system that is:

  • Inexpensive to produce at less than a dollar per guide
  • Usable with or without a CBCT machine
  • Simple to verify & alter at time of surgery
  • Created & fabricated in office on a 3D printer
  • Comprised of easy-to-use software & custom surgical tools

Register for our upcoming webinar to get a peek at GuidePro3D's revolutionary software and custom surgical tools. Learn how it's solving the obstacles of other dental implant guides on the market, and find out how you can reserve your system!

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