The Easy-to-Use System Enables Dentists to Create Accurate Implant Surgical Guides in a Matter of Minutes.

be “Guided Every Time”

Why aren’t you using a guide for every implant surgery?

The case is ‘easy enough’? Time? Cost? Cumbersome software? Frustration from previous guides that didn’t work? Lack of expensive imaging equipment?

Intuitively, having a guide for each implant case makes good business sense and results in good patient care.

If you could spend 10 minutes of non-chair time and a dollar per implant case to ensure consistency and accuracy for each implant case, would you?

When it comes to placing dental implants, we believe every dentist should be guided every time, and the innovative GuidePro3D system was created to make this vision possible.

GuidePro3D is the first implant guide system on the market that is:

  • Usable with or without a CBCT scan
  • Inexpensive to produce at less than a dollar per guide
  • Simple to verify and alter at the time of surgery
  • Created and fabricated in office on a 3D printer in 30 minutes
  • Comprised of simple intuitive software and custom surgical tools

GuidePro3D takes a “systems approach” – a holistic solution to consistently planning an implant case every time – in your own office.

Each component integrates together and thus removes the frustration of other disjointed guide systems on the market.

The GuidePro3D system provides a consistently accurate method of placing dental implants in an easy-to-use, economical manner that instills confidence in the dentists who use it.

It's never been more affordable and easy to be "Guided Every Time!"

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