Percision, Clarity, Confidence: The Perfect Restorative Trajectory

The Perfect Restorative Trajectory is the position where the crown of an implant is placed due to its relationship to other teeth. An implant’s Perfect Restorative Trajectory is the position in the mouth where it feels natural for the patient, where it prevents food impaction, where it creates a natural aesthetic, and where it allows for a naturally anatomically shaped tooth.

There is only one Perfect Restorative Trajectory for an implant, and any compromise from that position could be problematic for the patient and/or the dentist.

Unlike many other implant guide systems on the market, GuidePro3D starts with The Perfect Restorative Trajectory in mind, rather than starting with the implant and working upwards. This reduces the risk for costly rework and dissatisfied patients due to implant failure, custom abutments, crown replacements, and more.

The Perfect Restorative Trajectory is found through a series of mathematical equations paired with a dentist’s saved preferences. A dentist is able to confirm the trajectory in the bone through X-rays or a CT scan taken with the guide in place. Because guides are created in-office using the included a 3D printer, any final edits can be made to the guide up to minutes before surgery. It’s cost-effective and time-efficient.

Whether you’re a dentist planning implants for the first time or a seasoned implant specialist, GuidePro3D offers the mathematical precision creating clarity in an implant case to offer confidence when conducting implant surgery. GuidePro3D has made it possible for every surgery to be guided.