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The System Components


Designed by dentists for dentists, GuidePro3D is the only implant guide system that can be used with or without a CBCT scanner, and works with any STL file. Mathematical equations paired with dentists’ saved preferences allows the dentist to determine The Perfect Restorative Trajectory in a matter of minutes, design and print a 3D guide in-office – all for less than a dollar per guide. The intuitive software’s coordinate system enables mapping to critical landmarks and allows for excellent pre-surgery visualization of the case.


The guide itself is composed of a frame and a cartridge. If there are any changes that need to be made to the trajectory prior to the surgery, they can be made easily in the software and the cartridge can be reprinted in minutes. In addition, GuidePro3D is the only system that allows the dentist complete visualization of the surgical site with the frame in place during implant surgery, allowing for complete doctor confidence. In the current version of the software, the dentist can do up to two implants with a single guide. In future versions, we intend to increase this amount to eventually include full edentulous cases.

Guide Sleeve

The guide sleeve is retained on the drill for easier access in tight spaces, and the hexagonal shape of the sleeve creates a unique marker for X-rays and CBCT images. Paired with custom drills, GuidePro3D's guide sleeve provides tight tolerance between the sleeve and the drill.

3D Printer

GuidePro3D uses an inexpensive, fused filament printer with virtually zero daily maintenance, and materials cost less than a dollar per guide. The 3D Printer by Ultimaker in combination with the GuidePro3D software produces a surgical guide that literally "snaps" onto the patient's adjacent teeth.

X-Ray Holder

The included X-ray holder fits securely on the guide allowing for intra-oral X-rays with the guide in place. Combining an X-ray with the planned Perfect Restorative Trajectory prior to surgery ensures accuracy before any drilling is done. Easy access to X-rays throughout surgery also enable “flapless” implant surgery facilitating a more positive patient experience and less recovery time, bringing 2D X-rays to a new level of accuracy.

Irrigation System

GuidePro3D is the only oral implant guide system that provides a built-in irrigation system that does not impair the dentist’s vision, and allows water to flow freely to the surgical site. The irrigation system also verifies the proper insertion of cartridge.


GuidePro3D’s custom drills have some of the lowest profiles on the market making guides standard for even second molar implants. The tight tolerance between the drill and the guide sleeve ensure no drift movement in the drill. Grooves in the drills draw water down to the tip of the drill to cool the bone (not the dentist), and the drills are bur-shaped allowing for drilling only the portion of the bone that needs drilling. This eliminates redrilling the bottom of the hole and potentially damaging that part of the bone. This technique also naturally creates a tapered effect to the surgical site.