Where It All Began

The statement “built by dentists for dentists” could not hold more true when it comes to GuidePro3D.

Founded by Dr. Fred Thompson, Dr. Paul Crandall and dental office manager Jennifer Thompson, the goal of GuidePro3D has always been to provide a better standard of care for patients with less stress for dentists.

With more than 10 years of experience in placing implants and teaching dentists how to place implants, Dr. Thompson came up with an idea for mechanical ways to derive The Perfect Restorative Trajectory for implant surgery. After further research and sharing his idea with his dental school classmate and friend, Dr. Crandall, the pair evolved the idea for its betterment – a software program that enables dentists to plan an implant case and print that “recipe” on an in-office 3D printer – GuidePro3D.

Our Mission

To instill confidence in dentists by enabling them to perform surgery with consistently greater accuracy through the affordable planning and production of a surgical guide.

GuidePro3D has always had five goals

  1. Create a product that is inexpensive to produce
  2. Print in office
  3. Easy for dental offices to implement into their workflow
  4. Simple to verify in-office
  5. Can be done with or without a CBCT scan

"Knowing what we know now, we would never place an implant without a guide."

The GuidePro3D system makes it affordable and easy to be "Guided Every Time."